About Us

With over 20 + years combine experience, Alloy Corporation and International Shade Group specializes in metal from design and prototyping to fabrication and repair.  We are integrated with a large fleet of commercial equipment such as shop and field welders, plasma cutters, water jet machines, bobcats and specialty tools that aided us in creating unique long lasting steel fabricated products.  At Alloy we committed to ongoing excellence using the latest technology.  Our Staff of incredibly skilled craftsmen bring both brawn and intelligence to each and every project.

Alloy we work with you every step of the way to assure your satisfaction.  There is no custom metal fabrication project too small or too large.  We manufacture on site and are experienced in everything from industrial stairs and platforms to bulk storage bins and tanks to structural steel packages.  We pride ourselves in creating the most complex of metal fabrication; which includes spiral staircases.

Any off-site projects, Alloy will deploy field crews consisting of four to five men; in addition to a supervisor.  When it comes with an order, our skilled installation crew will be sure to test all projects by assembling in-house before shipment.  We meticulous when it comes to marking each piece and sub-assembly to be sure the fit-up is clear.

Founder, Zach Causer


Organized and friendly, Anna works behind the scenes to keep things running, smoothly and efficiently.

Anna Tuura
Administrative Assistance
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